People Are Scared

Many people are afraid to save one other’s life. People need a hero, so they can sleep at night knowing someone isn’t putting a gun to their head. A hero will rise….


I Miss Her

I know there are some who may find this weird and I do not care if they do. Is it just me or has anyone else had that friend who you just miss so much. Even everything you two went through and at the end find each other staring into each other’s eyes. My friend and I had a weird relationship. She would be into me and I would be into her. We would be together for a little bit. After a couple days, we would just go back to being friends and we would be there for each other. She cared about me and I cared about her. Now that she went away to who knows where, I feel more lonely without her. I know this sounds cheesy but it is the truth. I just miss her and I don’t know why..

Saying Thank You

God has done great things. He has given me a chance to redeem myself towards those who turned away from me. He has reunited me with my talent after 6 months. He has given me a family who loves me and cares for me. He has given me friends that appreciate my stupidity. He has given me life and I want to thank him. I want to thank everyone.

Bruce, Don’t Fear the Knight. — God Among Geeks

G. P.Avants When Superman v Batman arrived we met a very different Batman. Time has passed for the Dark Knight. He is now an older more mature superhero later in his life. Along comes a newcomer on the hero stage, who shakes up the meaning of a real superhero. What would that do to a … Continue reading Bruce, Don’t Fear the Knight.

via Bruce, Don’t Fear the Knight. — God Among Geeks

The Bat of Gotham & The Son of Krypton

The Dark Knight of Gotham City and The Son of Krypton are two iconic characters with some similarities to them; however, there are differences between the two. CEO of Wayne Enterprises, a multi-million-dollar research and development company. I give you Bruce Wayne, greatest detective and master of every fighting style known to man, took the name of Batman. Batman is superiorly knowledgeable in fights using his military grade gadgets and stealth on the battlefield. Then we have Clark Kent, a God living amongst men, better known as Superman. Clark Kent lives in Metropolis City as a normal being working as a news reporter for the Daily Planet. Superman possesses unlimited power and chooses to use it for good. He sees the unfairness of overtaking the world. Superman sees that people deserve peace.

The features that Batman and Superman are presented as are opposite of each other. Batman has a compelling feature toward others. Using stealth, shadows, and fear as a way of control over criminals. People see Batman as a hero of justice and a savior of the night; however, some do see him as someone thinking they are above the law, trampling people in Gotham, and having citizens live in fear. Superman has a god-like feature to him. He is unstoppable, making him seen as a being that can destroy mankind, but he uses his powers to try to bring balance, because of that. people look up to him and see hope, a savior, and light in the sky.

The two see the role of heroism in different forms. Batman plays the role as a knight in the shadows. Seeking out threats before it becomes one, that is why criminals are afraid of him. He also sees being a hero as doing right to others. Superman sees the role as coming to the aid of the helpless or people in fatal disasters. Stopping the threat after it happens and saving those who are in it. Though, sometimes Superman creates a disaster like destroying 85% of Metropolis trying to save humanity. That is a reason of why some people see him as a threat to mankind.

Gotham City and Metropolis City resembles darkness and light. Gotham being the dark, because it is being run down by high criminal ratings. Metropolis being light, because of barely any criminal ratings except for it being high in city damage. Batman is only a human being and cannot defeat every single criminal there is, but he keeps Gotham safe as could be. Superman can defeat as many criminals as there are, but he does not realize the consequences of his actions while doing so.

Batman and Superman are two different beings, but they see eye to eye when it comes to saving others. These men think alike when it comes to deciding what is right for the people. They both believe in justice and people deserving a second chance to live. Killing is not a thing to these men making them seem more respectful to the people, and that is another reason why others look up to them. The Dark Knight of Gotham and The God of Metropolis, I wonder what might happen when these two were ever to fight?